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our program

We provide Zero Tolerance, Drug and Alcohol Free Christian transitional housing.

 We believe that each man coming through our doors have:


We are a community of people who choose not to use drugs or alcohol. We the founders, give ourselves over to our higher power:


We believe he enables us to live life on God’s terms and we share a common goal:

Abstaining from drugs and alcohol, in a zero tolerance atmosphere.

All men are welcome in this program.

our approach

Abba’s Haven of Sarasota, FL provides a structured, safe, and sober living environment for men in early recovery from alcohol or other drug addiction. The transitional housing offers men access to recovery coaching and housing while they are also given the opportunity to practice the principles of Twelve Step living that will strengthen their long-term recovery.

our promise

our promise to you is to provide a comfortable place to live and the tools to keep you clean and sober. Two people share a room. Amenities include a laundry room, living room & family room with hd televisions, cable, refrigerators, and full kitchen. Residents are given access to an internet-ready computer, free wireless and local & long distance phone service. All locations are within one block of a bus stop.

our mission

Abba’s Haven Mission, Vision and Values

Mission:   Abba’s Haven helps restore hope, healing, and health to people affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Vision:   All who seek recovery will find it, and the stigma of addiction will be overcome.

Values:   Treat the whole person as well as the illness. Treat every person with dignity and respect. Continue a commitment to the Twelve Step fellowship. Be of service. Remain open to innovation.


Located in safe neighborhoods, surrounded by safe neighborhoods. Abba’s Haven offers the benefits of living in an urban location without easy access to drugs. Our properties offer access to employment opportunities and proximity to recovery resources, including 12-step meetings and outpatient treatment.

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